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Although most legal dictionaries can help you translate legal terms from English to Spanish, different words are used by different Spanish speaking countries, creating a major problem if you don’t know which one to use to talk to your target audience. For example, standard translations of the word motion are solicitud, moción, pedimento, and petición. However, if you need to know what the translation is for Puerto Rico specifically, you would find that it is moción.

Additional Help Is Available

Although this dictionary is provided to help you save your own time and effort when trying to find a properly translated word or phrase, sometimes you just want or need someone who is fluent in both languages, knowledgeable of translation methods, and understands legal concepts to complete the translation for you. If your home, family, business or freedom is at stake, you can’t and shouldn’t risk making an improper translation. To learn more about hiring a professional translator, call 1-703-259-9013 or send a message to

Translation on Your Own Can Be Time Intensive

To figure this out on your own might take you hours upon hours of time. You would have to conduct extensive research, visit online forums, and more to find the correct terminology for the one simple word or phrase you need to translate. This represents both time and money being wasted when you should be doing the one thing you set out to do – translate. This dictionary will help fill that gap so that you can prepare complete and accurate documents quickly and easily. Find The Just Word offers English to Spanish translation of hundreds of legal terms.

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If you are familiar with certain legal terms used in various Spanish speaking countries, here is your chance to help others that are trying to translate a legal document, saving them valuable time while completing their translation project. How? If a translated term is not listed and you know what it is, you can email this information to We will review your suggestions and add them to future editions of the legal dictionary.